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Written by Joe Hale   
Monday, 14 January 2013 03:45

Blink 182Blink 182 have cemented their place in pop punk history with classic hit after classic hit, with the fun loving songs of their younger years, through to the more mature untitled album in 2003 with huge tracks such as ‘I Miss You’ and ‘Feeling This’. After announcing their reunion in 2009, many fans felt a bit underwhelmed by their 2011 release ‘Neighborhoods’, especially when they found that the band didn’t record together, but sent pieces to each other via the internet. However their new EP release ‘Dogs Eating Dogs’ is a great installment to their back catalogue, with more music being promised, with a full album set to be released before the end of 2013.


This self released EP starts with ‘When I Was Young’ which begins with a slow tempo, before kicking into Delonge’s vocals, who takes the most part of the vocals on the whole of the EP. It has a catchy chorus line of "It’s the worst damn day, of my life" showing the much more mature and life experience influenced lyrics they now write compared to some of their older songs. It certainly sets the bar for the rest of the record, especially in the way they use synthesizers throughout the release


Title track ‘Dogs Eating Dogs’ is the second song, and it's distinctively more of a ‘Mark’ song, with distinct similarities to the beginning of his side project after Blink 182 split up, +44’s ‘Lycanthrope’ which in itself is a great song too. Mark takes the lead vocals for the verses through the three and a half minute piece, with Tom taking over for the choruses, which I have to say are slightly more melodic than the verses. This is possibly the best song on the EP, as not only is it up-beat, but it features the aforementioned switching vocals which made Blink so popular in the first place.


Next is ‘Disaster’, which is clearly more of an ‘Angels and Airwaves’ inspired song, with the use of synth at the beginning. Mark’s voice sounds great on this track, as even though he takes a back-seat, it reminds me of Robert Smith from The Cure’s vocals on ‘All Of This’ on Blink’s untitled track. Slightly mysterious and softly spoken, making the song sound distinctly darker.


Their first single from the EP is ‘Boxing Day’, (which in a way is a shame it is called that, because it might be remembered as a holiday themed track), and it is a brilliant, but different Blink track. The only acoustic song on the EP, it really compliments Tom’s vocals on the verses, and again some great switching of choruses and verses between the joint frontmen is really what makes this song.


EP closer ‘Pretty Little Girl’ is possibly the most "different" track on the album. Barker’s drumming on this track is impeccable, as normal for one of the best drummers in the world. The vocals describe love, through the years, describing feelings from being 19 years of age up until now, which is great as I think many fans will be able to try and connect with this song. The reason the song is "different" though is due to the guest vocals, which some fans have not been overly happy with.  These are provided by rapper Yelawolf. Personally I think they fit well, and definitely bring a whole new dimension to the band’s sound on the track.


Overall then ‘Dogs Eating Dogs' truly is bringing Blink-182 back to their best, with inspiration from both of their post Blink side projects, and as a result it sounds much more like their untitled album which they released 10 years ago this year. So if you haven’t listened yet, sell your old CDs and pick this up today!