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Written by Jim Rowland   
Monday, 14 January 2013 03:30

Jorn SymphonicDio worshiping Norwegian powerhouse vocalist Jorn Lande has gone all symphonic on us with this his latest offering. 'Symphonic' sees Lande cherry pick a selection of songs from his back catalogue, not necessarily in a "best of" fashion, but tracks he feels may have been overlooked or 'obscure' and given them a symphonic makeover, either by adding classical orchestration to the existing recordings, or remixing whole tracks to add room for the orchestration.


It's a varied selection, ranging from full on hard rock belters, to more subtle tracks barely in the hard rock genre at all. Opening track 'I Came To Rock', from last year's 'Bring Heavy Rock To The Land' album certainly falls into the former bracket as the dramatic orchestral opening gives way to a storming hard 'n' heavy riff with great vocal line to match.


'Burn Your Flame', one of the album's highlights, turns the hard rocking up another notch, coming across like Rainbow fronted by David Coverdale, whilst the impressive 'Black Morning', another highlight, sees another Coverdale-esque vocal delivery, this time in a more soulful bluesy way. The likes of 'Man Of The Dark' and 'The World I See' are very much from the Ronnie James Dio styled songbook, and not surprisingly there's a couple of that man's songs thrown in too in the shape of Dio's 'Rock and Roll Children' and Black Sabbath's 'Mob Rules'.


Of the ballads on offer, the passionate 'My Road' works well with the orchestration, and is delivered extremely well by Lande. Less so the saccharine 'Behind The Clown', a brave move, but one that doesn't appeal much to my ears.


The orchestration on 'Symphonic' certainly adds depth and drama to many of the songs on the album, although there are a couple where it just sounds a bit superfluous, but on the whole this is a project well executed which will certainly appeal to Jorn fans. There's some really strong songs on the album as well, such as the aforementioned 'Black Morning', so if, as Jorn suggests, these are songs that may have been forgotten by fans, he's done well to give them a second chance on this impressive album.


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