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Written by Darrel Sutton   
Saturday, 12 January 2013 03:30

SkulliansHailing from Toronto, Canada, Skullians are another in a long line of excellent bands that seem to find their way onto the STP roster. Taking their cues from the likes of New Bomb Turks, NOFX (without the fart jokes) and chucking in a bit of streetpunk for good measure, Skullians are a great band to just chuck on and knock back a beer or ten to.


With a groove that's equal parts punk and rock 'n' roll 'Fin No Idea' kicks everything off in a style the aforementioned New Bomb Turks would happily put their name to. 'Downhill' is three chords of simplistic brilliance and 'Over The Edge' is what might happen if Fat Mike took PCP instead of speed.


It's not trying to break any boundaries, but 'Don't Take It To Heart' is hell bent on giving you a rollicking good half hour of no bullshit punk rock, that's not afraid to stick it's tongue in it's cheek any more than than it's likely to buzzsaw riff you into next week.


By the time you've got through the likes of '84' or the super-catchy 'Oreo' you'll be well in your oils. The latter is one of a number of tracks to see vocal duties transferred to Mighty Candice, which gives them a bit of a Tilt-on-speed vibe, further adding to the bands appeal and mixing things up a bit from a standard three chord holocaust.


As I said earlier, don't expect a mould breaker but take the album for what it is and you'll find yourself a very satisfied repeat listener.


Good stuff!