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Written by Johnny H   
Friday, 11 January 2013 03:00

This is streetpunk vol 2The great thing about compilation albums like this (anyone remember Hellcat’s excellent ‘Give ‘Em The Boot ‘series?) is for your hard earned you not only get exclusive content from some of the bigger bands of the scene but you also get to discover some great bands you might not have previously bothered listening to.


In fact you need look no further than Volume 1 of this now seemingly ongoing series of ‘This Is Streetpunk’ albums for a fine example of this, with me discovering the likes of The Harrington Saints and NOI!SE as a result of that debut volume which was also released via Pirates Press Records.


Volume 2 of ‘Oi! This Is Streetpunk’ then is 12 tracks by the likes of Rancid, Argy Bargy, Street Dogs and The Business all (knuckle) sandwiched together with bands such as Flatfoot 56, Broken Heroes and The Clichés making for an interesting and it has to be said quite varied listening experience.


So for those of you who think this genre of music is all one dimensional chant-a-long angry inner voice type stuff, (and yeah I know a lot of it is), then try sampling bands like the aforementioned Flatfoot 56 who add a folky element to their rage on ‘Work For Them’, or perhaps Australian mob Marching Orders who put in an early Spingsteen-eque shift with ‘Something More Than This’, whilst Stomper 98 somehow manage to make their German language horn accompanied skank ‘40 Jahre’ perhaps one of the true eye openers of this collection.


Of course for those of us who enjoy our Oi! Oi! a little bit more straightforward there’s plenty for us to get our teeth into too with Argy Bargy offering up (to my ears anyway) a slightly different mix of the excellent ‘This Is Me’. The Business are also on fine form with the aural ABH that is ‘Here’s Johnny’, whilst Street Dogs continue to prove me completely wrong to simply label them as being “just another American band pretending to be Oi!rish” with their caustic rant at the financial system in the shape of ‘Greed’. Then we have the band I think I’ll never get to see live, Booze & Glory calling “last orders” with ‘Paradise’, a rampaging beer glasses in the air lads night out kind of tune that they seem to write so well.


I have to be honest here and say that the tracks by Razorblade, Stranglehold, and the aforementioned Broken Heroes and The Clichés whilst all fine tunes did kind of wash over me after only a few listens, but then so did the previously unreleased Rancid track ‘Fuck You’ (which bizarrely sounds like Cock Sparrer built on a 12 bar Status Quo riff). These songs all tend to get overshadowed by other bands that interested me more, but as I said at the beginning of this review that’s the beauty of this type of album, as these releases can be all types of everything to everyone, as you discover things you might never have given a second chance on any other day, Umm sorry Street Dogs.


‘Oi! This Is Streetpunk, Volume 2’ is available right now on vinyl and digital download only from the fine people at Pirates Press Records, and this fantastic collection of Oi!/Streetpunk bands will immediately have you wondering just how many other great bands this genre can throw our way in 2013.


Oi! Oi!