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Written by Dom Daley   
Monday, 21 January 2013 04:00

mainstreetbratsHow nice to hear a three piece kick out the jams with wild and reckless abandon in a way that's looser than a prozzy's knickers yet still tight enough to hold the songs together, albeit by a thread at times.  


'375' is punk rock bliss as Reuben and Hannah trade vocal lines as they hack and slash on their guitars, whilst drummer Andrew holds it together in the engine room. It's trashtastic folks and I doubt they could give a flying fuck anyway if you thought it was shit, but the beauty is this record is far from shit.


'Corruption' is like Joan Jett fronting the New York Dolls in one beautiful shambolic mess. 'One Step From The Move' is total rock 'n' roll even if they might be playing different songs at times, the melody is massive and deserves to be heard because if a band like Prima Donna were to sing this it would be massive - what a great song. Dripping with attitude and soaked in heritage. This threesome know exactly what they're doing and that's having the best of times playing Rock and Fuckin' Roll, and it has to be said Hannah Tilbrook absolutely nails the vocals in blistering fashion.


'(I Live For) Bars And Girls' namechecks the Dead Boys whilst using the lyrics "Tits & Champagne" also used by the mighty Joneses - these cats are in good company. The pace is slowed down and dirty for 'Drinkin' in the Laneway' but the quality of the songwriting is maintained and the trade off between vocals is excellent and something that really works.


There isn't one single dull moment on this thirteen track album and it's not all crash-bang-wallop-thank-you-man. 'She's A Whore' is a monster with a cowbell and some mighty twelve bar that swaggers like John Holmes struttin into a cock measuring contest. To finish off 'Drink Twice, It's Alright' sounds like an enjoyable bar fight where everyone's swinging chairs with a smile on their faces. By the time 'Young Gun' has finally blown itself out I'm reaching for the repeat button because this bassless bunch rock like a motherfucker and I totally agree that people who think the band are good but need a bass player should deffo fuck right off because I know that they have the chops and one hell of an album full of great Rock and Roll music.  


Quite simply - Superb! Now don't just stream the album, buy the fuckin' thing!