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Written by Ross Welford   
Thursday, 17 January 2013 03:00

McFlywakeupcall, Busted, Fountains Of Wayne.............still reading??


Not Uber Rock material I think you'll agree but to give them credit, they all wrote their own material and they all played their own instruments, and let's not forget that they all sold a shit load of records.


Why am I telling you all this? Because Italian band WakeUpCall are in the same boat, drifting along and probably picking up cash for their goods so fair play to them.


They've supported Winger and Heaven's Basement amongst others and they've gradually been notching up gigs for the last two years so they're committed to their cause, it's just all a bit bland for most of you out there I'd imagine.


The cover may scream hardcore but from the first note you'll be able to tell that it most certainly is not - I reviewed their EP a while back and described it as Nelson with a Foo Fighters edge - well, the melody is still there but it's not quite as Nelson-like, and the Foos edge has dissapeared, so what we're left with is a less rock sound as a whole.


The title track is a prime example - it's just far too lightweight too make any Uber Rockers prick up their ears: it's Katy Perry rock, it's Sum41 at their most pop (less Maiden shirts, I suspect?) and when you include a song called 'Just Wanna Dance', you know that unless it's irony, we're in trouble. It sounds like Roxette for the record. 'Let You Go' is as camp as a row of tents and further proof that they've taken a step back from rock and have gone for a polished 'pop' sound instead, and even a song called 'Asshole' cannot save them from the pop scene airbrush that they've covered themselves in.


I've no problem with this release from the young Italians, they've created a pretty decent album that I suspect will shift a few units - It's just not Rock, Metal or anything us Uber Rockers will be listening too.


File under pop rock for the under 13s.




To pick up your copy of 'Batteries Are Not Included' - CLICK HERE