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Written by Ross Welford   
Tuesday, 15 January 2013 04:00

devilsmusicuse'Rock 'n' Roll Is The Devil's Music' is already a classic People Like You Records label-sampler... only louder, faster and stronger.


Just like the previous successful samplers, 'Fight Songs For F*ck-Ups' and 'The Dirty Home Of Riot Rock 'n' Roll', this one is also going to give you a great overview of the People Like Youniverse. A perfect mixture of punk rock, rock 'n' roll, country and psychobilly; their words not mine but I must say, that does sum it up nicely.


One disc, one hour, packed with 19 artists. Fuck the recession, dig deep in your pockets for this is the sort of stuff we should be digging my coolio mofos.


Rock 'n' Roll is the Devil's music - whose side are you on?


The Bones kick us off and, as already mentioned in the pages of Uber Rock, they're a band that are more than worth a minute of your time - as Dom Daley's review said, they write greasy, full tilt, fist pumping hard rockin' anthems from Elvis to the Ramones and Motorhead to the Backyard Babies - what more can you want?


So what else do you get? How about Mad Sin - sounding like the missing troubadour pirate link between early Adam Ant and Tyla - 'Last Gang Standing' is a romp and a joy. The Adicts with 'Reaky Deaky Boys & Girls' is a party anthem for all pissed up bikers everywhere, again worth listening out for - it'll stay in your head forever whether you want it too or not.


Buster Shuffle may not be from the same rock stable but is a brilliant Arctic Monkeys-style tale that should see the band grow in fans - a great sounding track that will make anyone on the edge of rock curious. The Meteors are here with their '60s style surf vibe, Bob Wayne's 'Fuck The Law', with its Dukes Of Hazzard country twang, pops up and whilst we're talking country, ever heard Lemmy doing the Southern thang? Well that's exactly what Demented Are Go sound like.


Add a German punk rock effort in Rogers and a live Deutschland outing from Broilers and you've got two more superb tracks to keep you entertained.


Still not enough for you? Still not enough to convince? Well how about the excellent Canadian crew The Creepshow with their great track 'Creatures Of The Night' or how about Pipes And Pints with their Celtic punk 'charm'...........all the way from Prague.




If you can't find something on here to love, you won't be missed at Uber Rock!


Treat yourself or treat someone else.






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