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Written by Ross Welford   
Friday, 11 January 2013 04:00

paradoxNot one to chillax? Not one to sit down for some yummy food, a cold beverage and let the soothing sounds take over? Then good news for you has arrived in the form of power metal/thrash band Paradox - the German foursome are back with another slab of thrash bombs and razor-sharp precision.


This band has been around a while and although the line up changes and management issues may have slowed them down in terms of sales and fans, that doesn't mean for a second that they've wavered from their original mission.


Starting off with a nine minute epic is a statement of intent and 'Tales Of The Weird' is the pace setter for this album - it's certainly not the best track on here but it certainly gets you in the mood for what is a very good album. 'Days Of Judgement' slams out of the speakers with a frantic pace and has enough passion and control to make you realise that they're pushing forward with the sound of power metal which can become a little formulaic to say the least. 'Brutalized' and 'Escalation' sees them into Slayer territory with a head down approach that runs throughout the song and it's another string they're adding to their bows, yet they turn that on its head with 'Fragile Alliance' - a track that you wouldn't be surprised to hear on a Dream Theater album. 'Zeitgeist' reminds me of Testament's 'The Ballad' (which is no bad thing) and is only a small break from the pace that they've set themselves, and already you'll be impressed by the strong yet never brutal vocals of Charly Steinhauer - he's a singer, not a growler or a shouter, and it works perfectly.


'Slashdead' is arguably the best track on here - it's got the power, the melody, the solos and the storyline and. once in your head, will be replayed again and again.


Drummer Daniel Buld and guitarist Christian Munzner are arguably the scene stealers throughout this album - aided by Olly Kerron on bass - and they set a blistering standard of high tempo quality that is all that encompasses power metal: it's heavy and fast yet it has clarity and a softness that lends to the whole ethos of the album.


If power metal is your thing then Paradox may have made one of the better albums of its ilk that you've heard in a long while.


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