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Written by Dom Daley   
Tuesday, 08 January 2013 03:30

Christian MartucciWith this second four track solo instalment from the one time Chelsea Smiler Christian Martucci pulls no punches with some honest good time beef following closely in the style of his debut EP ‘Riding The Blinds’!


'Demolition Boy' is a bit of a beast with a solid backbeat and some great gang vocals, it's meaty rock that's for sure.  With a crisp clean production from Davey Julson-Reiley (Elvis Costello and The Hives amongst many others) and a solid four to the floor rhythm that strides rock and glunk Martucci and his band sound like they mean business and aren't in the mood to fuck about. 


Up next 'When Real Power Kills' has a bit of a haunting lead line but is backed by some real grunt from the bass and drums (supplied by Carl Raether and Zak St. Jon respectively). It’s the most straight down the line hard rock track they’ve done to date but it’s definitely a toe tapper.


Track three is a bit of an odd choice for a cover but without looking at the song titles before playing this EP I immediately thought “that's a down and dirty Motorhead riff going on there”, until the lyrics kicked in and I realised of course it is a Motorhead song after all.


'Shoot You In The Back' fits perfectly into where this band is at and this is a blistering cover of a great Lemmy tune. Sure they could have plumped for a more popular or well known tune but this one is smoking, from the vocals to the guitar solo it's right on the money.


To finish off the ‘Man Without A Name’ EP we get the title track, and it’s a no nonsense go for the jugular tune.  It reminds me of the likes of say Hate Gallery, as it has an approach to playing hard and not fucking about with fancy tricks and fills, this shit really is toe to toe and in your face.


Christian Martucci is a man on a mission, and that mission is to rock with no bullshit. This is In yer face people, and the bunch of quality rock songs on offer here will shake off those post Christmas hangovers and keep you rocking well into 2013.  


Now go get some! 


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