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Written by Matt Phelps   
Wednesday, 09 January 2013 03:30

trailofmurder-shadesofartAnother day another melodic metal band from Sweden... What's so different about Trail Of Murder? Well for one their approach to their art and their ability to yield an album that maintains a naturally constant flow should surely be commended. Happily no track on 'Shades Of Art' passes that fulcrum of boredom that is commonly known as the six minute mark. This latest release to fall from the Metal Heaven label kicks off with the title track itself exploding into a hard hitting wave of melody that washes over a rock solid undercurrent of rhythm. Refreshing as it sounds 'Shades...' thrives with an implied simplicity that lets the music breathe freely, sparing it from any needlessly suffocating over-complication.


With Trail Of Murder sporting ex-members of Tad Morose and Morgana Lefay in their number they are sure to be embraced by all those in their already well established fan bases but this bunch of Trail-blazers also have much to offer newcomers who like to stack tasty slices of Swedish grooves on their metallic racks. 'Carnivore' chews over a thick swampy riff and with ex Tad man Urban Breed behind the mic the vocals come through thick and strong. 'Lady Don't Answer' turns down the lights for something a little darker with Urban's vocals again unashamedly holding centre stage. Vocals that rumble from the depths then positively soar, steeped with power and providing a undeniable driving force that compliments the, at times, power metal edge that shines throughout 'Shades Of Art'.


Recorded, mixed and produced at the Black Lounge studio with Scar Symmetry's Jonas Kjellgren overseeing events, the journey throughout the album remains fluid and engrossing. Seemingly never putting a foot wrong the consistency of both the production and the songwriting is unquestionable. I would say there's not one dud track anywhere on 'Shades Of Art'. Each successive track remains as powerful and emotive as the previous while also achieving the rare feat of remaining individually original. Each successive track keeps your interest fittingly piqued and numbers such as 'I Know Shadows' and 'Your Silence' balance perfectly between light and shadows mixing an array of changing tempo structures into the perfectly pitched delivery.


'Shades Of Art' is packed with tunes that lay down rock solid foundations for an exciting future and the parting shot of 'My Heart Still Cries' leaves an air of victory drifting like battlefield smoke from the speakers. This Swedish five piece are certainly more than capable of playing in the top league of their chosen genre. Proving to be proficient in power and masters of melody their performance here should hopefully provide a successful springboard towards more widespread recognition.