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Written by David Prince   
Monday, 25 January 2010 20:40

1adecpealMy initial thoughts regarding this band when I first saw the cover of 'People Have Demons' was; thrash band of the tallest order in the vein of Toxic Holocaust, Testament etc...but when I put the disc into my player and hit, was I wrong...


What blasted through the speakers was boogie rock in the form or Airborne, The Four Horsemen, Sea Hags & AC/DC which put an instant smile on my face. The track in question is 'Bad Company' and the band sounded on fire, which in this day and age is something of a revelation.


Although the album is released via the new fandangled digital download it also is available via a limited edition physical (hold it in your hand) digipack which is a very fine looking snazzy piece of product.....apart from that spooky cover!


The sound of the CD is also worthy of note as the crisp, clear and yet still down and dirty guitar sound is something to behold as very few have managed to find both. December Peals have this in abundance as witnessed on 'Saints And Sinners' and 'Electric' which spookily brings to mind 'Electric' era The Cult. The Peals are one band that I cannot wait to catch live as they look and sound fantastic.


This band has sound that the rock scene is craving for, if they just have the opportunity to capitalise on this fantastic album. Other notable songs are 'Best Of Luck', title track 'People Have Demons' in fact, all of the tracks are great. The vocals are reminiscent of Sator, D.A.D. and other Scandinavian bands. December Peals have joined my list of bands to watch out for in 2010...