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Written by Dom Daley   
Sunday, 24 January 2010 21:14

stateofrock-cover-webWell, what can I say about State Of Rock? Mrs Daley's heart skipped a beat when I told her there was a new record featuring Tony Mills (yeah, he of Shy). When I popped this in the player I knew I was gonna get some of his trademark soaring vocals (of course he didn't disappoint) and though the guitars sound much heavier than his previous band, the keyboard stabs are still very much present. 


You know what chaps, melodic heavy rock isn't really my bag but when it's done well I can appreciate it as much as the next person. I wasn't disappointed and a classy sound of well crafted and played songs are what State Of Rock are about with every box ticked by Mr Mills. 


Considering it's 2010, Tony Mills still sounds the same as he did way back in the 80's with his distinctive vocals. Over the next 45 minutes State Of Rock sound like a band up for the challenge as we enter a new decade. 'Don't Make Me Cry' is the kind of big ballad you'd expect - big gun riffs through almost five minutes of power ballad heaven. If you wanted to soften the mood when you have a chick round for spag bol and you want to impress her with your softer side look no further than a Tony Mills ballad......but beware, this record has some pretty meaty riffs of its own and plenty of power dished out on tracks like 'Friction' or 'Count Me Out'.


The band insist this is a proper band and not just a Frontline or Tony Mills side project so people can expect to see some live action as well as this early 2010 release. Melodic rock fans will be salivating all the way to their record shops to pick up a copy of A Point Of Destiny..if you can find a record shop these days. If not pop online and checking out State Of Rock. On reflection you might just want to brave the storm and buy this slab of melodic hard rock - you won't regret it. (oh fuck it, I had to get a pun in somewhere - don't hate me \m/)