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Written by Dom Daley   
Saturday, 16 January 2010 19:29

1aizzyAnother download only release from the permasmokin' dude formerly of THAT band - y'know, the one who peed in a bin whilst mid flight and got arrested, bit of a header and 24/7 rock 'n' roller. Yeah, that's him - Izzy Stradlin. 


So what's it like, I hear you ask? Well, if you have any of his previous releases right back to the majestic Ju Ju Hounds album then you'll know exactly what this beaut is gonna sound like, with his guitar slinging bud (former Georgia Satellite) Rick Richards trading licks with Mr Stradlin on ten bitchin' rock 'n' roll tunes on what is his fifth internet only album. 


I also believe former Cheap And Nasty axeman Timo Kaltio plays some part in these songs so from album opener (is it still ok to call it an album? Seeing as all you get these days is the music and a crappy cover to go with an internet only release, there isn't much more info about this one out there) 'Nothing On Me' you know it's cool low slung rock 'n' roll with string bending a plenty.


'Snow' slows things down and seems apt for today's view outside my window as it drifts (no pun intended) and meanders with some nice slide work. He's kept more prolific than any other ex Gunner has Izzy and, in fairness, sticks to the well worn path of great rock 'n' roll. Another pattern I've noticed is that Izzy is not keen on songs with loads of lyrics and tends to repeat the song title quite a few times but, hey, he's never said he wanted to reinvent the wheel here just write some rock 'n' roll songs. 


As for an album highlight, well there isn't really a stand out track - they're all consistent and solid which probably describes this collection best, certainly nothing to worry that first solo release, and this one also has an extended workout otherwise known as an instrumental as the final song which isn't too bad and would have been much better had it had some letters cobbled together resembling words in it but, hey, you can't get everything can you? 


Clocking in at a shade over 34 minutes it's always nice to hear Mr Stradlin release music. Now, a UK tour would be nice, wouldn't it?