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Written by Darrel Sutton   
Sunday, 10 January 2010 10:35

s_crypt_FSThis is fucking nuts!!!!!  Seizure Crypt, despite being New York to the core seem to have caught the vibe of the mid eighties lunacy of thrash/punk crossover a la Suicidal Tendencies, DRI and Impulse Manslaughter, ripping through nine songs of total mayhem. Fast, mad, DIY and don't give a fuck. Yep, that's Seizure Crypt. 


With some real off kilter sections and drawing a real mish-mash of styles at times, you'd do well to get seriously pissed or stoned or both to get the most out of this. Recorded under the tutelage of the legendary Don Fury in under a week, this disc certainly doesn't hang around and doesn't ask for acceptance. 


You either do or you don't like this type of stuff and I don't think that Seizure Crypt will really give fuck either way. Whilst it's hard to take a great deal of this seriously, there are some serious themes to the lyrics of 'Drug Pig' for instance, with its swipe at America's obsession with the next wonder pill being advertised, however, this is counteracted by the ode to one fucked up lady with sixty cats in 'Crazy Cat Lady.'


If you're at a loose end anytime, chill out and give 'Under The Gun' a spin.