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Written by Röb Watkins   
Monday, 30 January 2012 05:00

Foxy-Shazam--The-Church-Of-Rock-And-RollWelcome to the Church of Rock and Roll.....and if you're not down on your knees praying at the alter of Foxy Shazam after checking out this extremely fine piece of musical workmanship then instantly make an appointment with your doc, you have problems.


Pizzazz; swagger; tongue in cheek, over the top wonderous originality; catchy, hook-laden tunes; the 1960s, '70s and '80s retro appeal all rolled into one Foxy little come on down, open your Uber bible to page one, sit down and prepare for the sermon....Hallelujah...Praise The Shazam.


'Welcome To The Church Of Rock and Roll' instantly pulls you in with loud guitar riffs, big vocal production and a chorus that any well schooled rocker of the alternative variety will endear deeply too. Lead single 'I Like It' is one of those tunes that will last forever on the dance floors of every rock and sleaze club nite from now until the end of the world at the end of 2012: "That's the biggest black ass I've ever seen and I Like It, I Like It" - the chorus to die for. 'Holy Touch' has the most delightful cheeky verse arrangement that spins into another hooky chorus that deserves global scale adulation, that theme continuing into the '80s inspired 'Last Chance At Love' and try, if you dare, to dislodge this melody from your bonce - its foot-tappingly Benatar-esque influence also has some quirky elements of The Darkness...maybe that's down to the fact that the UK rockers' frontman Justin Hawkins is in charge of production duties here; whatever, it's a tune and a half.


Time for a breather on the soulful bliss of 'Forever Together', a delicious slice of yesteryear-inspired groove and the mellower side of the Shazam. It runs into '(It's) Too Late Baby' with its gospel overtones and evolving around another larger than life killer choral set-up. 'I Wanna Be Yours' follows and the memorable factor is on overdrive again with the harmonic vocal tones of superstar vocalist Eric Sean Nally glimmering in the Shazam sunshine.


On 'Wasted Feelings' Mr Hawkins seems to have found the right mix, giving the artist plenty of studio freedom to fly high on their own musical trip. Some heavy guitar overdrive swings on 'The Temple' and shows that this release has something to appeal right across the musical categories and not directly slip into one particular section.


The groove tinged little '70s swung ditty 'The Streets' and 'Freedom', unfortunately, bring the album to a mindblowing conclusion with some nice acoustic moments and a recurring Foxy gospel-edged theme, complete with choir-like chanting.


Absolute joy sent from above or Ohio, USA if you're a non believer but I, for one, doubt you will be after checking this out.


An early contender for Über Röck album of the year 2012....


approved_image_lrg_2012Praise The Shazam................


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