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Written by Matt Blakout   
Friday, 27 January 2012 05:30

coastThere seems to be a theme at the moment of releasing a debut and then following it up a decade later with the second release. That's exactly the scenario here with Coastland Ride, the new album following on some nine years from the self titled debut.
Hailing from Sundsvall , Sweden and formed in 1997, Coastland Ride isn't a name we're familiar with but on the strength of the material here, it could well be a name we will be more familiar with in future. Along with their fellow countrymen Gotthard they are aiming for the mature lovers of classy AOR. The comparison goes further with the vocal of Markus Nordenberg sounding similar to the sadly deceased Steve Lee, nay even better, and in a similar way that Steve was close to Dave Coverdale, Markus looks to Jon Bon Jovi for his inspiration. Markus really is the reason Coastland Ride are a credible act. His range on 'Sleepless' from the debut is really world class.  
As the two albums come as one and are being released simultaneously, it's difficult not to compare them both and in doing so the second release 'On Top Of The World' demonstrates the maturity the band has developed over the nine years of song writing. Not only that but the CoastlandOndelivery, particularly the vocal performance of Markus Nordenberg, has really matured. Casting away the desire to be the new 'Jon Bon Jovi' his vocals are much more 'honest' and much better for it.
Coastland Ride really make no excuse for the unashamed targeting of Loverboy, Survivor, Balance fans. At times there are tunes on the second offering which really could be sung by Michael Bolton ('Sandra') and that really isn't a bad thing with this quality of performance and song writing ability. The appeal of Coastland Ride will really lie with AOR fans who enjoy quality songs, delivered well but, and here's the 'but', a lot of the material here is more 'pop' than 'rock'
In comparison of the two albums Coastland Ride really have matured in who they allow to influence them. Both the self titled and its follow up have some cracking, class songs so are both worth checking out. Followers of the lighter end of AOR, and certainly their contemporaries Gotthard, will certainly find much to enjoy here.


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