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Written by Gerald Stansbury   
Monday, 29 January 2018 04:20

Lena Hall artworkI happened to see a mention in another magazine about this release and went for a preview of it, because ‘The Origin of Love’ is one of my favorite songs. I had no idea who Lena Hall was. That changed quickly. 


While this might not be the typical release reviewed here, the show the music is from does rock and, as I found out, Lena Hall made an incredible rock album with her old band The Deafening. We have six songs from the show on this EP with the majority of them done acoustically. ‘The Origin of Love’ gives me goosebumps for six minutes as Lena hits every note with passion, heart, soul, and genuineness. She controls her voice from the soft notes in the beginning to the rage of the gods and beyond. ‘Tear Me Down’ contains a cocky swagger that is just priceless. Lena shows an ability to interject a slight rasp that just adds power to her voice making it even more remarkable. ‘Sugar Daddy’ hears her work her magic over some stellar electric guitar work. The vocals are just simply amazing with her once again demonstrating remarkable range.  It has been extremely easy over the past couple weeks to just play this EP on repeat. 


‘The Long Grift’ begins with Lena exhibiting a vocal that again just induces goosebumps. The song benefits from the slow start and the wave of intensity that builds to the climax. ‘Wicked Little Town’ is another lesson in singing. I hang on each word as the song I know so well unfolds. This is pure acoustic magic. The remaining song from this EP is ‘Midnight Radio.’ The notes Lena hits are remarkable and captivating with the ‘lift up your hands’ refrain being an impassioned plea that bleeds passion. 



I never expected to be this blown away by a Tony Award winner, but this is just incredible from start to finish. With a plan to release a new EP of artist specific songs each month this year, I am already excited to hear whatever comes next - and I usually don’t give cover albums much attention. Some of the artists mentioned have included Nirvana and Elton John. If you are a fan of ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch,’ you will be very familiar with these songs and likely just sit with your jaw open amazed at the vocals here. If you are not familiar with ‘Hedwig…’ you will also be amazed at what she has done here. My hats off to you Lena, and I cannot wait to hear what comes next. 


‘Obsessed: Hedwig’ is available at the usual digital outlets. You can get your copy HERE.




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