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Written by Mark Ashby   
Wednesday, 17 January 2018 04:40

White Wizzard artworkI first came across LA metallians White Wizzard at the arse end of 2010, when they had just kicked off their first ever headlining tour of this here Über Kingdom of Rock ‘n’f’n’ Roll: well, they were playing upstairs in a pub (one now, like so many others, “transformed” into a trendy theme bar) literally two minutes’ walk from my front door, so it would have been rude not to go and check them out, wouldn’t it? They had just released their highly impressive debut album, ‘Over The Top’, via Earache Records, and things looked promising for the band… but, almost as quickly as I (and probably many others) had found them, they disappeared off my musical radar again: there were two more albums, and then half a decade of virtual silence, broken only by the low-key release of a couple of singles.


Well, now the silence has well and truly been broken, with this gloriously inane and insane fourth full lengther, which shows that White Wizzard have lost none of their metallic mettle and are still more than capable of casting an entrancing spell over even the most jaded of listeners after even just a cursory listen.


‘Infernal Overdrive’ is an epic album, in almost every respect. Clocking in at just over the hour mark, four of its nine tracks in turn check in at Iron Maiden-esque lengths of more than eight minutes, with the fulcrum of ‘Voyage Of The Wolf Raiders’, pushes into Manowar territory, falling just short of ten minutes – although closer ‘The Illusion’s Tears’ goes (slightly more than) one better, adding another minute and a half to that timing! But, then, heavy metal is supposed to be bellicose, verbose, overblown and, erm, over the top (sic), isn’t it?


And White Wizzard tick all those boxes, and then some. There are some very silly, even cringeworthy moments, especially lyrically – just check out some of the lines in ‘Chasing Dragons’: they certainly aren’t going to win any literary prizes with these particular rhyming couplets. But, at the same time, it’s all jolly good fun and guaranteed to get the neck of any denim and leather clad metallian snapping in time to the infuriatingly catchy-as-fuck rhythms and chorus, and then dancing around the room air-guitaring to the solos like a loon with a bag of badgers in his spandex.



White Wizzard draw heavily from the classic metal well, and do little to fuck with the formula: but, that is the attraction of both the band and the album. Nothing is over-thought or unnecessarily over-complicated: they just get on with the job of entertaining their listeners, and they do it bloody well. It’s good to fall under their spell again: it’s been a while since I’ve genuinely smiled, both outwardly and inwardly, while listening to a good old-fashioned cocksure heavy metal album, and ‘Infernal Overdrive’ made me, both involuntarily and voluntarily, do just that, so job done as far as I’m concerned… now, where’s the spandex and the badgers?


‘Infernal Overdrive’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


White Wizzard play The Underworld, Camden, on Saturday 31 March.




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