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Written by Gerald Stansbury   
Thursday, 18 January 2018 04:20

Kaned artworkapproved image lrg 2013Kane’d came to my attention near the end of 2017 with the video for the title track to this album and have remained on my radar since that time due to their extremely well done approach to modern rock and hard rock. They are not inventing any new genres, but they are providing 11 well crafted songs that would be well suited on modern rock radio with the ability to crossover to mainstream stations as well. I dove into their two previous releases as I waited on this one.   


Vocals throughout are provided by the three Kane sisters (Chez, Stacey, and Stephanie) who are incredible throughout the album with each providing the lead at times and creating some terrific harmonies together. ‘Invidia’ begins with some dark guitar notes before quickly picking up the pace with the lead vocal given cool effects in the verses while the chorus burrows into the head. One of my thoughts has been who might make some quality touring partners, and bands like Seether and the Pretty Reckless have popped into my head. The title track follows next and is just an ideal single for me.


There is a huge hook to it that would play well at radio, and it must be said that this album sounds like it was done by a major label with a big budget which suits this album perfectly. ‘I Won’t Bite’ continues the hard rock bliss and overcomes the lyrical clichés through the spot on execution of the song.


The band throws a minor curve ball with the slower ‘Don’t Turn On the Lights’ being another early favorite from the album. The chorus is extremely catchy and features some great harmonies.  The mix on the album really shines with this being a clear example where there are some cool touches under the verses. Harry Scott Elliott has outdone himself as the producer and on the lead guitar and bass. For a “slower” song, there are great fills by George Elliott (drums). ‘I Do What I Want’ turns up the hard rock again and shows a band that can take an AOR approach to another level by injecting some more aggression into the music and giving some attitude to the vocals. One of the comparisons that came to mind on this one was Halestorm.



‘Reckless’ marks the halfway point of the album and actually reminds me a little of a modern version of late '90s Ratt with a very different vocal approach. Harry Scott Elliott shines on the guitar and would be an up and coming guitar god if this were a few decades ago. Let’s hope this is part of the start of the renaissance with people gravitating towards hearing more guitar. ‘Hey, Hello’ should be all over rock radio with a massive hook and an awesome pre-chorus that pulls me in every time. The Kane sisters blend their voices perfectly on the harmonies and throughout the lead vocals. This is another song where the mainstream could latch onto the band. ‘Never Surrender’ features more crunch musically with a heavier beat and the sisters nailing the higher notes with ease.


The end of the album approaches with the aggressive ‘Sin’ featuring even more excellent guitar work starting the final trio of songs, and I want to give a shout out to Jack Davies who provides rhythm guitar throughout and some lead guitar work here and on the aforementioned ‘Reckless.’ This song has induced plenty of air guitar. ‘Angry’ maintains the aggression with a really cool transition into a fist in the air chorus. I have probably played this album through about a dozen times, and it just gets stronger with every listen. The album comes to a close with the excellent ‘I’ll Bring You Home’ being another standout. The slow verses contrast perfectly with the power in the pre-choruses and choruses. While the song is not exceptionally long or proggy, it has an epic feel to it.


Kane’d have been the second straight 2018 release (The Dogs ‘Grief Manual) that has raised the bar for everyone else this year. They have self-released an album that can take the band to another level, and I would love to see them garner a support slot on a bigger tour so that more people can hear the talent in this band. For some, the immediate draw might be the singing by the Kane sisters while others will be drawn to the guitar prowess of Harry Scott Elliott. At the end of the day, this is a band where the chemistry sizzles to create a powerful album that will likely feature high on my year-end best album list.


‘Show Me Your Skeleton’ is released on 9 February.  You can get your copy HERE.




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