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Written by Nick Russell   
Thursday, 11 January 2018 04:40

Tankard Hymns artworkGerman thrashers Tankard, one of the original grand daddies of the thrash metal scene, have been together for an unbelievable 35 years. In that time, they released 17 studio albums, including last years ‘One Foot In The Grave’. These days only original vocalist “Gerre” and bassist Frank remain, alongside drummer Olaf and newest member, guitarist Andreas, and even he’s been in the band 18 years! ‘Hymns For The Drunk’ is a collection of material covering the five albums released on AFM Records between 2002 and 2010. And even in this latter-day round-up, it shows Tankard managed to retain those charms of their earlier thrashing days!


Opener ‘Rectifier’ is a typical fast riffing thrasher, followed by two songs about their favourite subject: beer! ‘Need Money For Beer’ is a chugger and ‘New Liver Please!’ has a ring of a less technical Megadeth. There’s another nod to an older thrash band with the riff of ‘Slipping From Reality’ sounding very Testament-y. Next is a tale of how we would all like to check out if we could – ‘Die With A Beer In Your Hand’! Tankard always managed to incorporate a little more rock’n’roll in amongst the thrashing, as demonstrated with ‘We’re Coming Back’. ‘We Still Drink The Old Ways’ is a classic thrash riff whilst ‘The Beauty And The Beast’ sounds nearest to compatriots Kreator and ‘Metaltometal’ is exactly that, a more straight forward metal song.


The next four tracks are from the re-recordings of classic tunes from 2007’s ‘Best Cased Scenario: 25 Years Of Beers’ including ‘Zombie Attack’ and the classic anthem ‘(Empty) Tankard’. Although why they didn’t include the absolute classic that is ‘Chemical Invasion’ I don’t know. Whilst they sound good, I’m not sure they have the raw charm of the originals. The last two songs, ‘High Octane’ and ‘Stay Thirsty!’ are OK, with some nice riffing, but probably my least favourite songs in this collection.


Whilst this is only a relatively limited snapshot of Tankards long career, it is a good collection of songs that show why one quarter of the “Teutonic Big Four” were as important as any of the “big” names from those heady days, even if it’s missing their best song! For any of you young’uns who weren’t even born then, think that Municipal Waste probably wouldn’t be here without them!


Time for a pint!


‘Hymns For The Drunk’ is released tomorrow (Friday 12 January). You can get your copy HERE.




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