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Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 04 January 2018 04:20

Smacked artworkAs far as tribute albums go, I'm gonna put this out there - they don't come much better than this collection of beauties.  Smack burned brightly, but they burned briefly; and, with distance between their demise and now, it’s albums like this where you can really appreciate how fuckin' good these songs are - and how bloody good Claude was.  Man, has it really been 26 years? Wow!


With offerings from far and wide, the one thing that holds these songs, and bands, together is the love and respect they all have for the band and the man.  Kicking off with a superb take on 'Some Fun' by Mink Daggers, it really sets the tone, and there's no looking back from there.  The spread of nationalities proves how wide the band’s reach was and it's not exclusively the UsofA that holds the highlights – although, in fairness, the Mink Daggers set the tone and Streetwalkin' Cheetahs turn in a ferocious 'Criminal'.  Spaniards Leftovers, however, pull out a blistering take on 'Good Morning Headache'.


Original Smack bass player Cheri Martin helps out Frenchmen Hired Guns on '(I Think I'm Gonna) Buy This Town', former Cherry Bomb Anita Chellamah turns in a blistering 'Mad Animal Shuffle', alongside Timo Kaltio, and, to continue the more mellow side of the Smack repertoire, Guttercats tug at the heartstrings with 'Wide Awake'.  But the album isn't done until the Flaming Sideburns turn up and put in a devastating lament on 'Zombie Shitheel' and then its goodnight.



Fifteen tracks that showcase a fantastic band with variety and rock and roll and a shared love of same. There isn't a weak track in sight on this compilation, and if you're looking for an in on a fantastic band then let this be your guide before you check back looking for a copy of all four Smack studio albums. 


My advice is to check this out and go find some new bands and artists to catch up on.  What a fantastic tribute to a great singer, and frontman of Smack and The Fishfaces.  Rest In Peace, man, and thanks for the great tunes - and for such a great legacy!


‘Smacked!’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


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