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Written by Cronohn Pipror   
Thursday, 04 January 2018 04:00

Trono Alem Morte artworkapproved image lrg 2013When one thinks of Portugal, one thinks of warm sandy beaches, cocktails by the pool. Your mind doesn't stray anywhere near raw, barbaric and claustrophobic black metal. Trono Alem Morte are here to change that with their frankly disturbing debut album 'O Olhar Atento da Escuridão', an album that sounds like it's been recorded in some guy’s basement. Not just your bog standard basement, no no... a basement filled with jars of human blood, occult symbols plastered on the walls and the overpowering stench of death wafting through the dank, suffocating air.


This "some guy" has been dabbling in some pretty bad juju and has now found himself in way over his head. He's conjured something far too evil to comprehend and as he sits huddled in the corner pissing himself in fear the terrifying demonic presence is intent on making the most obscene and horrifying racket.


The first track 'O Inverno da Alma e a Sublime Libertação' is ten minutes of what can only be described as aural psychological warfare. It's dark, gritty and outright evil. The murky production, panic inducing guitar work and heavy drums clash with the most tortured wails to create something truly sinister. It's enough to instantly freeze your blood. Track two is the title track and it'll either put hairs on your chest or strip your soul away piece by piece. It's muddy, brutal and so ominous with blasting drums, minor key fretwork and chilling vocals filled with malice and self-loathing. Truly haunting stuff.


'Infame Calamidade' is so utterly out there in terms of sheer ugliness it makes you feel uncomfortable. It's a horror movie inside your head, grating against your bones and causing waves of fear to radiate over your body. There's no other way to describe it. This is just plain nasty; this is the devil's music. 'Deserto de Desolação' is just about as horrifying as the rest of the album. Mesmerising riffs of pure evil pull you into a hellish void of utter madness. It's an absolutely hypnotic track flecked with pure darkness in the vocal department.


The penultimate track, 'Pesadelos Quebrantes', is a slow brooding track filled with dissonant chords and entrancing drums. The song starts to build and finally unleashes some of the rawest and most demonic screams imaginable. The drums speed up over the downright creepy guitar work. This is pure horror in its most sincere form. The final track 'Ao Abraçar a Ingrata Morte' is much like the rest of the album; Absolutely terrifying. It's dark oppressive riffs collide with solid drumwork and inhuman vocals to create an atmosphere of bleak and unforgiving nastiness.


By this point the basement has been decimated. Our hapless, would be sorcerer is dead, flesh stripped from his bones with a look of sheer terror etched forever on his face. The malevolent force has broken free of its subterranean confines ready to wreak havoc on the surrounding populace.


If you think you're truly brave enough to survive, pick up this absolutely filthy piece of raw, unyielding black metal. Trono Alem Morte have truly captured the true essence of evil on this album and they've blasted it straight out completely undiluted. Absolutely top quality stuff.

'O Olhar Atento da Escuridão' is out now. You can get your copy HERE.

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