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Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 03 January 2018 04:20

Flash House artworkOld School cool… that's what’s happening here.  Noisy UK bastards Flash House haven't so much as dropped a new album but have lobbed in a grenade of venomous punk rock with more than a tip of the hat to the likes of Motörhead and every other noisy fucker who ever turned the amps to ten and spat into a microphone.


Ain’t no love songs, ain't no sweet harmonies, ain't no room for time-wastin'… Flash House just want to rock like fuck.  This whole record stinks of stale beer, blown speakers and a band of lifers who've long since sold their souls for rock 'n' roll regardless of the payback. Imagine Lemmy with a headache listening to Discharge (when they were punk) and Subhumans and unable to find the volume control to turn it down before the SPG turn up and start waving batons and cracking skulls - well, you’re almost there, because Flash House have been causing a stir in the underground of London and further afield for quite a while.


At times it never seemed like they were ever going to make it to releasing a full-length album, but, hey, they're still alive (I think) (I hope) and here it is - a great big steaming pile of ‘Brown Sauce’ for our delectation. As I consume it from the first speaker explosion to the final damnation, I love the fact that they ride into town giving a big fat zero fuck what the trendies think; just plug in and play and take names of those who want into this club of one per centers. Flash House have the tunes, boys ‘n’ girls - eight of them to be motherfuckin' precise: eight proud, noisy, phat tunes to shake your belief in loud, aggressive rock ‘n’ fuckin' roll.


'Three Wise Monkeys' kicks up the dirt with a filthy great big riff, and we're off. It's an avalanche of riffs and pounding, and we’re at the chorus as Flash House are leading the charge and start off as they mean to go on - sounding like a rampaging mob hell bent on destruction is a fairly good place to start.  Of course, I haven't got a clue what the fuck the lyrics are, but does it even matter? I know a good throat doctor that Crusty might need, or has the deal with the devil they've obviously struck taking care of medical bills? 'Raising Cain' continues the theme with some mighty fine playing and a chorus that even the dullest of us can shout along to.


The track 'Flash House' is up next, and with a thunderous pounding on the drums, we're off.  Axes duel and the rush is happening. 'Another Day' is a break from the norm… only joking.  More of a solid old-school rocker here, with yet another stinking lick on that guitar as the band soldier on… love the stabs on this one. 'Touch Of Evil' is just that - pure fuckin' evil.  It's like Metallica once sounded when they first burst on the scene, but with a twist and so much more attitude.  'Die Alone' is slower and brooding with a purpose - a menace. Possibly my favourite on offer here.


I can think of far worse ways to spend 22 minutes of my time than with Flash House. Everyone knows real men prefer some ‘Brown Sauce’ and this one is delicious.  What a fine way to end any year than with a whole bunch of aggressive and noisy rock ‘n’ roll kicking the shit out of the speakers on your stereo…


‘Brown Sauce’ is available now. You can get your copy HERE.


Flash House play The Black Heart in Camden, with The Hip Priests, Rotten Foxes and Abandon Cause, on Thursday 25 January.




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