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Written by Dave Prince   
Wednesday, 26 July 2017 04:30

IngerLorreLATVRNow, Inger Lorre needs no introduction: as the leader of The Nymphs, she burned a trail that shone bright enough that the flame still hasn't gone out.


Following the Rock Candy Records re-issue of The Nymphs' self-titled debut album, and two great new songs released on Record Store Day 2014, Inger is currently recording a new album. However, until that is released, we have this somewhat official bootleg of her show at the legendary Viper Room last May. Her band on the night were Sean Romin and Mario Tremaine on guitar, Eric James Contreras on drums and Gabe Hammnond on bass.


The songs here are what you'd expect, from classic Nymphs tracks such as ‘Sad & Damned’ and ‘Imitating Angels’ to the brilliant cover of Siouxie’s ‘Monitor’. As Inger said herself, "these songs are the sound of me walking through fire..."


This is up there with her solo release 1999's ‘Transcendental Medication’. For example, the version of the aforementioned album's ‘7B’ is sublime to these ears. For me this album is the nearest thing I can expect to experiencing Inger's music in the flesh. It sounds beautiful and raw all at the same time.


The song selection is fantastic and the inclusion of ‘Snowflake’ and ‘Hate In My Heart’, which were the songs released in 2014, bring everything full circle. The version of ‘Hate…’ is spine-tingling and worth the price on its own.


A must buy for fans of The Nymphs or anyone who just loves great music made with passion - which is somewhat of a dying breed these days. Don't let the music die, buy this album!


‘Live At The Viper Room’ is released on Friday 4 August. You can get your copy HERE.


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