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Written by Dom Daley   
Tuesday, 31 January 2017 04:00

The Vulz - Love Struck artworkImagine 'Rocking In The Free World' given the Noo Yawk '77 treatment: well you wouldn't be far away from the main body of 'Acetone Vapour'.  But don't think for a minute I'm being critical or taking the piss here, because I'm not… I love a bit of Neil Young when he's rockin’ and rollin', but I'll be honest here: I love a bit of the old Heartbreakers and Blank Generation and stuff like the Dead Boys and Ramones about one thousand percent more (so this comes as no surprise that I'd like this).


I'm being sidetracked here because I wanted to say that 'Acetone Vapour' is a bloody decent opener. And after catching these guys live, and being impressed, I can safely say they are a lot more impressive on record to be fair (they were good live but I hadn't heard any of the songs then).  'Mixed Up Kicks' is up next and a snotty precocious little number it is too, with some subtle rock and roll licks that fit just fine and make for a great listen.


'Kassablanka' has a Jags cool about it, as well as a bunch of other great power poppin' bands, and it's got all the right ingredients along with a snotty chorus. There's a lot of music to get through on this record, and I'm still unsure what part of Noo Yawk the vocals are from; but that's a minor gripe, because the songs are all pretty decent and whilst they tend to wear their influences on their sleeves it’s always nice to hear bands take the Johnny Thunders fills route and throw in plenty of excellent traits that were laid down in '76 - '78.  I prefer the delivery of 'Get With Me': there's more going on with the keys, and the fills are great as the song tears it up. 'Odean Neon' is also at the top of the list with its acoustic backbone as the Thunders licks work really well.


More straight ahead punk ‘n’ roll in the shape of 'Shelf Life' and 'Car Crash Saturday', but it’s the So Alone style of layering that acoustic guitar playing 12 bar rock n roll which adds a twist that makes it more interesting than just being a noisy punk rock record.


To be fair, The Vulz have got some great tunes going on;  the arrangements are well thought out and clearly they have been to the well that is deep and plentiful when it comes to rock and roll and punk rock, because I'm hearing some great influences all over the place.  They've managed to craft a pretty decent record that has real proper songs on it that sounded great first time and are still capturing my attention a few weeks on: and that's always a good sign.


Support The Vulz: not because they're a British band who play with The Boys and clearly have excellent pedigree of influences, but because they're a damn good British band and have managed to turn those influences into a bloody decent record.


‘Love Struck Bomb Delay’ is out now and can be bought HERE.