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Written by Nick Russell   
Thursday, 19 January 2017 03:30

Code Orange artworkHailing form Pittsburgh USA, Code Orange first started out back in 2008 as hardcore punk band in the vein of the likes of Black Flag and Converge. As time has gone by, their sound has moved into an altogether more metalcore vein and with this new release, their third, that metallic aspect is very much to the fore. But that’s not to say there are other influences within their dense and heavy sound.


The album kicks off in a sludgy riffing style with ‘Forever’, sounding not unlike label mates King 810. Things speed up with ‘Kill The Creator’, fast tech metal whilst ‘Real’ sounds like Swedish gods Meshuggah, before a typical metalcore breakdown comes in. The sound takes an altogether different turn with ‘Bleeding In The Blur’, striking clean vocals from guitarist Reba Myers over a more commercial riff that reminds me of ‘Same Difference’ era Entombed. An electro industrial beat introduces ‘The Mud’ before it turns into a heavy chugging riff.


‘The New Reality’ continues with a heavy technical off beat riff whilst ‘Spy sounds like a heavier Korn. ‘Ugly’ takes a different musical path, with a Cure/New Order/Killing Joke vibe to it, highlighting that there’s a bit of alt rock in amongst all the metalcore, a good song. ‘No One Is Untouchable’ doesn’t light any fires, a typical metalcore song that slows to a grinding riff at the end. We’re back in King 810 sounding territory with ‘Hurt Goes On’, complete with its electro beats intro. The album closes with more clean vocals from Reba, a welcome relief from the screaming that proliferates the majority of the album.


There seems to be quite a buzz around this release, if I was at all a cynical man, I would venture that it’s possibly hype. Yes, it has its moments, some good riffs and ideas, but to these well-worn ears, there’s not enough here to rave about, say compared to the way Gojira’s ‘Magma’ impacted last year. I can certainly see how a younger crowd will embrace this album, it has a lot of what is “happening right now”, and it will more than likely feature highly in the “popular” end of year lists, just not in this old codgers!



'Forever' is out now.