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Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 12 January 2017 04:00

Pat Todd album coverYeah boy.. The Rank Outsiders debut album released on double vinyl for the first time, and when I checked I never reviewed this bad boy first time out - so why the hell not? Because let’s get this straight from the outset: ‘The Outskirts Of Your Heart’ is a record that, if you love good time honest, punk rock and roll with a country edge, then you'll either already be looking for the link to pick it up or it was on your list you sent to Santa Claus just before Christmas.


It’s a beautiful thing holding a double gatefold 12" in your sweaty hands. and when the opening notes of 'Just Another Stupid Guy' blast out of the speakers, it's comforting to know that guys like Pat Todd are still making records and playing live shows, because he sure as shit can write a damn fine tune!


It's loud and in your face until you reach the soulful and acoustic 'Your Heart, Your Soul,  Your Ass'.  There's a lot of music to get through so the gear changes are most welcome, as Pat tells a story or two about life, love or tales from the road; it’s a real blast but the craft of songwriting has certainly blessed Mr Todd.  'Where Is She Now' is gentle whilst whereas 'Is My Last Chance Gone' will kick your backside and 'All Night Rain/ Restless Times' reminds me of a full throttle Rockpile doing what they do best.  It's the ebb and flow that really lets these songs shine big time, and this album has a lot of music on it yet it still sounds fresh as the day it was first released. But playing them on a proper record seems to add a warmth, and I quite enjoy having to get up and flip the disc over: its seems right and proper.


Twenty eight songs spread out to almost two hours absolutely is value for money and, like I've said, Pat Todd plays acoustic as good as Eddie Spaghetti or a Steve Earle; and when he puts the band in the mix his cow punk is top of the pile - and that's before he gets all electric on us and kicks out the jams!


Having had time to really explore this album, I have to say that, whilst I love it when Pat rocks out and kicks up some dust, it’s the acoustic record that really draws me in, from the mellow as 'Give Me Back My Heart' or 'Go On It Don't Mean Nothing Anymore', which reminds me of the milder side of the Faces or when Ronnie Lane penned a song.


I'm delighted to see a record this good get a vinyl release and it deserves to have something of a fanfare - which is why I'm writing these words as 'Waves Goodbye To Me' washes over me as I type and the lonesome harmonica fades away.  Now off you go and check this out: it’s absolutely packed full of quality and there's something in here for every one of you.


You can buy your copy HERE.