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Written by Marc Leach   
Tuesday, 10 January 2017 04:00

Halestorm ReAniMate 3If you read over my recent Frontback review, I mentioned about how female-fronted rock bands seem to have bigger balls than any of the male-fronted bands within the genre. That being said, no band personify this statement than America’s own, Halestorm. With a new album on the horizon, Lzzy Hale and her boys kick back and relax following the success of ‘Into The Wild Life,’ by releasing a third addition to their ‘ReAniMate’ series of cover EPs. Artists from Daft Punk to Lady Gaga have been covered in the previous two editions but what surprises do we have in store this time? Let’s dissect each track shall we?


Whitesnake’s classic ‘Still Of The Night’ opens this EP with a bang, especially since it’s Lzzy singing the first verse rather than the iconic F# guitar chord blasting through our speakers. Two words describe this cover and they are ‘holy’ and ‘f**k.’ Lzzy’s powerful pipes just suit the song perfectly, plus drummer Arejay Hale’s energetic skills just brings this song to life. Hopefully, somewhere on this planet, ex-Nightwish vocalist Tarja Turunen is taking notes on ‘how to cover this song.’


‘Damn I Wish I was Your Lover’ by Sophie B. Hawkins not only brings soul to this EP but the distorted guitars add another dimension to the song compared to the original poppy style. There isn't really anything else that can be said about this version, as it was just a straight forward cover.


If you could think of one singer that would be perfect to cover for Halestorm who would it be? If Joan Jett was your first thought then well done because ‘I Hate Myself For Loving You,’ made famous by the punk goddess and her Blackhearts. It was almost as if I was listening to the Blackhearts themselves with this cover, especially as Lzzy just echoes Jett’s ballsy, punk-rock vocal style.


‘Heathens’ by Twenty One Pilots is the only modern song on this release. Having been in the charts thanks to the 2016 film ‘Suicide Squad’ it is only fair for Halestorm to give this pop song the rock treatment. Personally, I have never been a fan of the song and although this version is good I still wouldn't have it in my music collection. I get what Halestorm try to do when it comes to interpreting modern hits, but just like their ‘Get Lucky’ cover on the second edition, it just doesn't work.



The EP takes a more bluesy approach with Soundgarden’s ‘Fell On Black Days.’ Just like ‘Heathens’, I am not a fan of this song and again the band don’t give it any justice here. In fairness, what all can you do to a song that is just boring as hell?


Now we come to the grand finale, ‘Ride The Lightning’ by Metallica off the hit album with the same name. Huh? Halestorm? Cover Metallica? Yes folks, you read that right and to tell you the truth, I was doubtful about this as well. While this band by no means play thrash metal, I was actually a little impressed by this rendition, in particular with how Lzzy gave it all she got with every word that spat out of her mouth. Even the combination of the hyper Arejay on the drums and the lead guitar work from Joe Hottinger during the solo section made this reviewer want to start a full on mosh pit.


This EP has an interesting collection of songs, half of them completely blew me away while the other half would make me hit the next button on my music player. That being said, this piece is enjoyable and a nice little teaser for how Halestorm are going to sound for their next album.


‘ReAniMate 3.0: The Covers EP’ is out now.