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Written by Craggy   
Monday, 24 January 2011 06:00

tallulahfix176One of those days. Pissed off, patronised, angered. Through a cloud of despondent actualities your mind wanders, eyes cast downwards. All you know for sure is you need to get home, open up a bottle of some stinking cheap wine, fucking drink it, and listen to something that you know, and hope, that the cunts who pissed you off wouldn't get anyway. Maybe a Tallulah Fix is what I need.


Midlands outfit Tallulah Fix rock hard with big fat Lemmy-tutored bass riffs silkily covered with burning guitars. Driven with that badass AC/DC standard pace of pure sex, they work on a method of repetition, having words barked at you by a Kory Clarke-nouveau interspersed with the odd contribution from a shy Jim Morrison.


This three-track EP offers a constant stream of self assured rock-noise, with high emphasis on pure power. As soon as 'AWOL' begins you know this is simple riff-driven rock, but the pure meanness in it, complimented by the fact they've nailed the perfect rhythm and pace, bakes a grunge-rock 'n' roll cake of high calibre goodness. You are left relentlessly tapping your foot and pouting by the time the opener ends, and without room for a break; 'Stranger' starts in just the same way.


The final track, 'Serotonin Sickness', does not, thankfully, attempt to ring the changes, and by the end of the EP you are aware there is no room for the undecided here, and you are left begging the question: are you in or are you out? I, for one, am most definitely in.