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Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 28 January 2016 04:00

peterblastcover300Coming out of the US of A, Peter Blast namechecks every musician he can with six degrees of separation from the good and the great but in my humble opinion he should be letting the music do the talking, to quote Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, because what Peter Blast does have in spades is some pretty decent tunes.  


Take album opener, 'Run Baby Run', which has a loose vibe going on with some great eastern flavoured guitar fills and a really good sounding arrangement. It's a statement of intent from Blast and if the rest of this record follows suit then listeners will be in for a rock and roll treat.


'In The Name Of Love' is a haunting and sparsely arranged song that is aided by the added female dueting vocals and, already in the opening two numbers we are given variety but really, really well written songs.


You have a decent workout of different style with 'Painting Without Canvas', from the slide infused 'I Don't Drink I Don't Smoke But I Lie' to the country rock of 'It's Better To Have Loved And Lost', via the straight-out country honk of 'Old Cold Hill'.


Blast also delivers some pretty cool Americana via 'I Am The One' and a decent but ultimately irrelevant stab at 'Paint It Black' - sure, it's a great Stones song but, man, how many times are we gonna hear it covered? Regardless of how decent a version this is (which it is, to be fair) it's just pointless.


Apart from the cover and the whistling this is a well-rounded, laid back offering from Blast and the production is excellent as is the playing. There are one or two fillers I could live without, namely 'Spanish Cowboy Boots', but album curtain call, 'Under A Venus Moon' (minus the dramatic intro), is a really good acoustic song.


Blast shakes off the Thunders copycat overcoat to turn in a pretty varied and accomplished record that is a sidestep from his last offering of 'White Voodoo'. Peter remains true to his forty-five plus years of rockin' and rollin' and minus the Stones cover turns in a career best.


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