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Written by Rob Watkins   
Wednesday, 20 January 2016 03:40

LamplightersUnaware of The Lamplighters? Yeah me too, maybe for not much longer who`s to say? This German melodic punk rock quartet drawing influence from the likes of the Ramones, Against Me and Hot Water Music are here offering up a traditional punk rock sound on ‘Views’, their new album available through No Panic Records.


Title track ‘Views’ brings the record to life and instantly I (personally speaking) get the picture, with the instrumentation side of things, this is not really punk in its original sense, however the vocal certainly nails that down with its punk inspirational angst ridden delivery.


Wait though, scratch my previous statement about the punk musical direction as ‘Here And There’ and ‘Basement’ brings things back into gear rather fluently and especially the latter mentioned tune with its Ramones 1-2-3-4 drive, there’s little bits of Rancid too that appear in musical flourishes albeit small elements. These are good commercially viable songs that don`t cross the line too heavily into commercial hell, the balance is quite perfect. ‘Burden’ and ‘Fairytale’ follow and are entertaining enough, it’s nothing ground-breaking though. This may be punk-by-numbers to many but, “hey, it is what it is”.


The thing here, and this is not to sound negative and all that shit, is that for me punk songs be it old or be it new should have killer hooks. I mean come on how many punk songs will live forever in the musical psyche, because of the infectious hook. Here although I’m endeared to the record I’m not hearing that bite, that hook, that guitar lick, that moment of genius that I’ve heard so many times in the past under the punk umbrella.


I’m sure The Lamplighters will no doubt enliven a live show with tunes such as ‘Wish’ and ‘I Don’t Like You’ with the latter flicking a middle finger back at my aforementioned hook-less comment, with a particularly catchy moment. See I’m not all bad after all - credit where credit is due and all that.


‘All We Need’ and ‘Getting High’ keep up the intensity that has driven this recording so consistently throughout. Whilst ‘Swallow’ followed by ‘Hold Me’ end things musically speaking.


‘Views’ is an album that is certainly a grower, and whilst it falls short in terms of global essence it is certainly one to remember for sure.


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