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Written by Dom Daley   
Tuesday, 27 January 2015 03:00

PrimaDonnafortycover300You know the drill here - Prima Donna release an album and we all go crazy for it because it's chock-a-block, full to the brim with cool as fuck rock and roll with equal doses of sweet sweet glunk, rock 'n' roll, '70s glam sprinkled here, there and everywhere, and just enough punk rock attitude: oh, and great hair cuts to pull this whole damn thing off.  


There aren't many bands who've released five albums (I include 'Kiss Kiss and 'Vinyl Cuts') that don't contain one single bad song amongst their numbers. That, my friends, takes some doing and sometimes you find a band releases a fantastic debut then slowly but surely the quality slips. Not Prima Donna - no sir, not for a second. Okay, so this new record might well contain three covers and a whole host of previously released singles and songs from last year's European tour CD - the aforementioned 'Vinyl Cuts' - but don't hold that against them, hell, the final track is the monster of a song that was their debut single on red coloured heart-shaped vinyl (I know, they've always been this cool). 'Eat Your Heart Out' is worth putting out again because it really is that good.


Anyway, it's at the beginning we must start and of the brand new tunes that aren't covers or have featured on previous albums opener 'Pretty Little Head' is a big riff and gang backing vocals mood setter. It's got intent, isn't fuckin' about and rocks like a good 'un and even gets a bit jazzy on the breakdown.


'Deathless' on the other hand has handclaps and radio hit all over it. 'Born Yesterday' is as cool as it gets and has plenty of glunk piano, cow-fuckin'-bell, sax appeal and just enough T. Rex in its DNA to raise the bar to a ridiculous level, and this album is only a few tracks old (sure, I'm easily pleased when the rock 'n' roll on offer is this good).


'Living In Sin' is still as fresh as the first time I heard it with a great guitar break and melody to kill for. Kevin Preston knows what's needed with a super cool turn of phrase and a hook to draw you in. It's fair to say Prima Donna have the chops.


As I mentioned there are three covers in the mix - 'I'm On Fire' (Dwight Twilley), 'Rock and Roll is Dead' (The Rubinoos) and 'Rip Her To Shreds' (Blondie) - Three very different tunes but three that fit perfectly into what Prima Donna are all about. They can shape-shift anything and totally own it thereafter and it all goes to enhance this record rather than detract from it.


Oh, and for the record 'Rubbish' is just oozing with attitude as it punk rock and rolls and has some barking saxophone in the finest Mott and Hanoi tradition. It's also one of the finest songs I've heard in a long, long time, a real shot of rock and roll.


I don't care what strain of Rock and Roll you're into this is a must own record and Prima Donna once again show how it's done. Simply stunning and as strong approved image lrg 2013a record as you're gonna hear all year.


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