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Written by Dom Daley   
Tuesday, 06 January 2015 03:20

FTWcover300This band screams NWOBHM quite literally. No joking aside they embrace the true spirit of the movement from the leather wrist cuffs to the haircuts and the artwork. The FTWs are the real deal.


From the Slayerrrrrrr riff-a-rama on the album opener this is real metal for sure. Now, ordinarily, starting your album with an instrumental is going to put my back up but, hey, WTF. The FTWs are having it large. This might be riding the crest of a wave that rolled by many years ago but it's so uncool it's cool. 'Who Crowned You King' is metal and so is the filthy bass rumble of 'Pill' - God damn it, there is even a track called 'Minotaur' just in case you didn't think these guys were metal enough.


I'm only jesting with you folks the delivery of this is spot on as is the production and the playing. I'm sure I'm not speaking out of turn when I say these guys just love to rock and aren't trying to reinvent the wheel here they just want to rock with a capital R and, you know what? They nail it.


'Billy Bats' romps like a metal Misfits and 'Axe To Grind' just rips old school. Now and again it's good to break with tradition and just wind up the tennis racket and with a foot on the monitor wedge give it some windmilling just like classic Maiden when Di'anno was king of the castle, not that posh plane flying la de da fella.


By the time 'Pound Of Flesh' is in full force rock out I'm exhausted and to be honest I'm all NWOBHMed out. These East Coast rockers have pumped their fist in homage to their forefathers and knocked out a near perfect heavy metal album. With a tip of the hat to what's gone before them they ride free and 'Vendetta Kinda Mood' sails off into Valhalla for its tea. It's a harmless thirty four minutes of heavy metal thunder so give it a listen you'll like it.