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Written by Nick Russell   
Friday, 10 January 2014 04:00

hammercultsteelcoverThrash metal – heavy metal played faster with more technicality, a punk edge and (mostly) more intelligent lyrics, is unbelievably nearly 30 years in existence! Around the world, there are bands today who plough their thrash furrow.


Hammercult are one such band, coming from the heavy metal hotbed that is Israel. ‘Steelcrusher’ is their second album released through Sonic Attack via SPV – an old school record label in the thrash world! Their take is modern thrash with elements of hardcore, black metal and punk thrown in.


Once the intro is out the way, there are 12 tracks of blasting metal that bring to mind a lot of old school influences such as Tankard (vocally), ‘Arise’-era Sepultura (in fact Andreas Kisser provides a solo for ‘We Are The People’) and a generally Germanic sound. The production has that modern, if slightly compressed, metal sound that is common today. That’s because it was mixed and mastered by ‘Zuess’, noted metalcore producer.


Most of the songs and riffs are what you might expect from this type of album. Standouts are ‘Heading for the War’ with its good main riff, ‘Ironbound’ has a nice black metal tinge to it and ‘Unholy Art’ is the one song on the album with the least cringe-worthy lyrics on it!


And that’s the problem! The music is good, if a tad dated and generic, but the lyrics are pretty bad. Very Manowar / real metal but nowhere near as good. Some of the lyrics may be steeped in irony, but it must be very deep irony as I can’t see it!


And as for the track ‘Satanic Lust’, come on boys, this 2014! You cannot get away with “wet and blowjob hungry, deep throat is her game” and “sucking my balls like it’s candy, her piercing is reaping (!?) my dick”. If it was done in a humorous punk style then maybe, but not like this! All thrash bands have some embarrassing lyrics to begin with but they really should try harder. Being from where they are, I’m sure they could come up with some great socio-political type lyrics.


Yes it thrashes, yes it sounds modern but it doesn’t have enough to set my world on fire! Saying that, all credit to them for doing what they do in an (holy) un-metal part of the world!




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