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Trust – ‘Hellfest 2017’ (earMUSIC) Print E-mail
Written by Mark Ashby   
Wednesday, 13 December 2017 04:20

Trust Live at Hellfest coverThere is no doubt that Trust’s place in the canon of heavy metal is assured.  For two reasons.  One to do with a certain drummer once of their parish, and the other to do with a certain song made famous by one of the Big Four… having officially split up more than three decades ago, they occasionally return for live performances, one of the most recent of which was captured on this shiny little silver disc for which our Monk slipped on his Cloak of Reviewing Doom to evaluate:

The Cowboys – ‘Volume 4’ (Drunken Sailor Records) Print E-mail
Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 13 December 2017 04:00

The Cowboys Vol 4 artworkDom D reckons that if there’s ever an album that earns the epithet of being a punk 'n' roll mess then it is this fourth (how’d we guess?) offering from The Cowboys.  Our man who knows about such things reckons it’s a real “mind fuck”, as schizophrenic offering that straddles the ‘70s, 80s and embraces pop to alternative to punk to create a great record. You know what to do to find out more:

Scream Serenity – ‘Eye of the Storm’ (3MS Music) Print E-mail
Written by David O'Neill   
Tuesday, 12 December 2017 04:40

Scream Serenity artworkThe odds seemed against Scream Serenity when their debut album popped into URHQ’s inbox… First of all, they’re from the same town as The Darkness: not a good start!  Then, they list influences from Alter Bridge and Shite… sorry, Shinedown, as well as Black Stone Cherry and TOAD.  As three of those four are not exactly the top of UR head honcho Monk’s listening pile… However, they are some of David O’Neill’s favourite bands of the past five years, so the MP3 was fired his way and he was immediately despatched into the eye of this musical storm to see what sort of aural battering it delivers:

Core Of Io – ‘Part II: Europa’ (Self-Released) Print E-mail
Written by Mark Ashby   
Tuesday, 12 December 2017 04:20

Core Of Io artworkYou know, at heart, UR boss Monk just a good old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roller.  He doen’t really like the fancy things in life… a roof over his head, his beautiful wife by his side, a decently cooked steak and a slab of chips… He likes the basic things in life. The same applies with his music:  basic.  After all, he grew up on a diet of AC/DC, Motorhead, Rose Tattoo, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Guns ‘N Roses… So, why he’s getting all techy on us this fine morn? Click the link to find out:

J.D Hangover – ‘J.D Hangover’ (Annibale Records) Print E-mail
Written by Dom Daley   
Tuesday, 12 December 2017 04:00

jdhangoverAt Über Rock, we know a thing or two about JD hangovers: we’ve had more than our share of them in our time… but, this is one which our man Double D gladly will enjoy any day that ends in a “y”, as he reckons this sort of blues garage rock and roll malarkey is good for you.  Click the link to get the prescription that Dr Daley has written just for us all:

The Starling Radicals – ‘Promiseland Vol. 1’ (Self-Released) Print E-mail
Written by Mark Ashby   
Monday, 11 December 2017 04:40

The Starling Radicals artworkBusting out of the febrile rock ‘n’ roll breeding ground that is south Wales, where seems to be breeding quality wrecking crews faster than the local rams can inseminate herds of ewes, The Starling Radicals come with a reputation for confrontation, having literally fought Morrissey and chased James Dean Bradfield through a park.  But, does their latest EP see them live up to that reputation?  Click the link and Monk will explain:

Psychedelic Witchcraft – ‘Sound Of The Wind’ (Listenable) Print E-mail
Written by DJ Astrocreep   
Monday, 11 December 2017 04:20

Psychedelic Witchcraft artworkSecond albums, as is well known, can be rather awkward. Do the band stick to their initial sound, or look to expand into other areas? Click the link to find out the answer in the case of Psychedelic Witchcraft, courtesy of our resident DJ:

Klaus Joynson & The Type 40 – ‘New Adventures In Time & Space’ (K.ULTRAX) Print E-mail
Written by Marc Leach   
Monday, 11 December 2017 04:00

Klaus Joynson artworkMarc Leach openly admits to being shocked and horrified when UR boss Monk sent this concept album based on the story of the myriad doctors by the name of Who winging his way?  Why did it evoke such a reaction?  Well, because he’s a lifelong fan of the cult TV series and he wasn’t involved in this timely (sic) project!  Click the link to see what he thought of it, once he’d calmed down:

Stone Sour – Glasgow, SSE Hydro, Glasgow - 8 December 2017 Print E-mail
Written by Allan Maxwell   
Sunday, 10 December 2017 04:00

Stone Sour Corey Taylor Glasgow 2017Stone Sour, a band often mistakenly regarded as Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor’s “other project” have just completed a hugely successful run through the Über Kingdom of Rock ‘n’f’n’ Roll. We sent Allan Maxwell into the pit to report from the front line and tell us how the charismatic star turned Scotland’s biggest arena into a massive cake fight:

Courage My Love – Glasgow, The Attic - 22 November 2017 Print E-mail
Written by Hannah Reid   
Saturday, 09 December 2017 04:40

Courage My Love GlasgowHot​ ​on ​the​ ​heels​ ​of​ ​​new​ ​album​ ​‘Synesthesia’,​ ​Canadian​ ​power trio​ ​Courage​ ​My​ ​Love​ ​took​ ​to​ ​the cities​ ​of​ ​the​ ​Über Kingdom of Rawk ‘n’ Roll with a run of dates in support of same.  We sent our very own ketamine queen, the panda known as Hannah, along to check out the action when the tour rolled into Glasgie:​

Good Charlotte - Southampton, O2 Guildhall –27 November 2017 Print E-mail
Written by Phil Cooper and Allan Maxwell   
Saturday, 09 December 2017 04:20

Good Charlotte GlasgowFollowing a hiatus since 2010s ‘Cardiology’, Good Charlotte returned last year with latest album ‘Youth Authority’. This year’s Download saw the band also make a welcome return to UK shores, followed quickly by a full(ish) tour, bringing together a group of like-minded bands. We despatched Phil Cooper to pen some words on the Southampton show, and Allan Maxwell to visually record the Glasgow leg:

Mr Big – Manchester, O2 Academy – 21 November 2017 Print E-mail
Written by DJ Astrocreep   
Saturday, 09 December 2017 04:00

Mr Big headerThree headline bands in their own right on the same bill - and it's not a festival performance? That was the situation our resident DJ found himself in recently, when he once again dug out his “frequent traveller” card and headed down the M62 for something like his 93rd gig this year – and it ain’t over yet! Click the link to find out how many people in the audience knew the words to more than ‘To Be With You’…:

Kobra And The Lotus – Belfast, Voodoo – 26 November 2017 Print E-mail
Written by Mark Ashby and The Dark Queen   
Friday, 08 December 2017 04:40

Kobra And The Lotus BelfastIt’s a cold Sunday night in Belfast, and the third of three gigs in as many nights for the team from URHQ… but, hey, they weren’t complaining – ‘cos the nature of rock ‘n’f’n’ roll and they wouldn’t have it any other way! Monk was re-acquainting himself with the rising talent that is Kanada’s Kobra And The Lotus, and introducing DQ to them for the first time.  Click the link to find out if herself was bitten by the band’s metallic charms:

Airbourne – Manchester, O2 Academy – 14 November 2017 Print E-mail
Written by DJ Astrocreep and Claire Simmons   
Friday, 08 December 2017 04:20

Airbourne SheffieldFresh from a headline slot at Hard Rock Hell, Aussie madcaps Airbourne headed straight back out onto the roads of the Über Kingdom of Rock ‘n’f’n’ Roll to bring their ‘Breakin' Outta Hell’ world tour to a suitably stylish close. Once again, we maximized our team’s geographic spread, despatching DJ Astrocreep to pen some words on the Manchester show, and Claire Simmons to visually record proceedings when they crossed the Pennines to Sheffield:

Warrior Soul - ‘Back on the Lash’ (Livewire) Print E-mail
Written by Gerald Stansbury   
Friday, 08 December 2017 04:00

Warrior Soul Back On The LashSometimes, being a rock ‘n’ roll fan can be a frustrating thing. Take Gerald Stansbury and Kory Clarke: our man fondly harkens back to a period when Warrior Soul were a breath of fresh air in a world which was seeing the fall of ‘80s hard rock and the ascent of grunge… but, somehow, in more recent years, he has not really connected with any of Clarke’s output. So, it was perhaps understandable that he approached a new album with a mixture of optimism and trepidation, Find out which won through on the other side of the link:

Deep Purple – Manchester, MEN Arena – 18 November 2017 Print E-mail
Written by DJ Astrocreep and David O'Neill   
Thursday, 07 December 2017 04:40

Deep PurpleIf rock ‘n’ roll had its own royal family, then Deep Purple surely would be contenders for the crown. Now, 50 years into their storied career, they are supposedly saying ‘The Long Goodbye’ with their suitably epic last ever tour. With it being such an historic moment in time, we rewarded not one but two of our team members by utilizing our geographic spread, despatching DJ Astrocreep to pen some words on the Manchester show, and David O’Neill to visually record proceedings when they headed down to south Wales:


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